Updated: Oct 16, 2019


MIPAN aqua-X Download

Because of being a cold-sensitive functional yarn with UV-blocking properties and sweat-absorbing, quick-drying properties, MIPAN aqua-X is suitable for activewear for the summer when UV rays are strong and you are apt to sweat more.

and it wicks drastically faster than others.

MIPAN regen Download

MIPAN regen is a reclaimed nylon yarn made by recycling pre-consumer waste. MIPAN regen is an eco-friendly product that has acquired CONTROL UNION's Global Recycle Standard(GRS) certification, and it possesses excellent dyeing uniformity.

MIPAN fine&soft Download

MIPAN fine is a fine denier yarn that not only has nylon’s inherent strengths such as lightness and soft texture but is also designed to suit lighter and more delicate fabrics. MIPAN soft is a multi-filament yarn containing microfibers, and it possesses an even more enhanced soft texture.

MIPAN rexy Download

MIPAN rexy has super sparkling and glistening luster(pearl) with good drapery and beautiful color

MIPAN aeroheat Download

MIPAN aeroheat, consistently pursuing originality and comfort, developed with the sophisticated and innovative material of nylon, always provides comfortable and soft feelings and sensitive pleasure.

MIPAN fit Download

Performance nylon that emits far infrared radiation through special minerals embedded in yarn, assisting greater blood circulation by taking advantage of the far infrared’s inherent feature of increasing blood flow rates.

MIPAN glurex Download

MIPAN glurex melts at much lower temperatures than other conventional fibers, which allows it to provide and adhesive bond to the fibers without damaging the fiber or textile, and escalating the bonding strength and providing stability in the shape of fiber

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